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Welcome to the Aviation branch of Revival, Revival Air. 


Below is a working guide on how to get started. 


First, make sure you have signed up to Revival Air

Once you have signed up let one of the Directors know so they can approve your application. 

When you have been approved and signed in, navigate to the downloads section and download the VaBase ACARS , you will need to download FSUIPC7 beta to enable ACARS to work with the latest Flight Simulator. Instructions and download can be found here:

Install the programs. 


Once you have installed the programs start up Flight Simulator 2020 

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2020.09.16 -

Alt-Tab out

Now you will want to get a flight, navigate on Revival Air to Schedule on the Operations Center dropdown menu 



pick a flight schedule you would like 



Click Book and the flight will be accepted 


Now  you need to start up both programs you downloaded

FSUIPC7.exe which will open and minimise


Then click on your start menu and select ACARS



Log in with your RevivalAir credentials, if unsure of your call sign ask a member of Revival to help you. Alternatively, it can be found on your profile at Revival Air 


When you have logged in you will see a similar screen to the below screenshot 

It should contain your scheduled flight

Only hit "Start Flight" in ACARS after FS2020 has loaded you in, at a gate, with the parking brake on.



Fill in the details asked and then click Start Flight


Go back into flight simulator and select World Map


Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2020.09.16 -

Enter in the flight details for the schedule you have booked 


Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2020.09.16 -


And Fly 


When you have landed at your destination you can Alt-Tab out and End Flight 


Your flight information will be uploaded to Revival Air





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