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This game is just so inconsistent. They have to strip down it and take it back to the bare minimum, begin from scratch. But more than likely they'll resale us a classic gimmick in madden 2021 and we'll still see these issues occuring that Mut 21 coins  you are pointing out. It's the exact same old song. I think he means starting from scratch and thats the way we go to the shit that's madden today rather than the pre 2012 maddens. An assumption though. They have never just begun from scratch that they did change engines but its codes only made they used for the generation consoles.

The initial Madden on 360 (2006) was a complete reboot. It was bare bones, particularly compared to it's OG counter components. They dropped of the items had done previously, which they didn't do if they transitioned to the PS2/Xbox era. That is not starting from scratch and completely changing the whole game. It was the same gameplay with less attributes like announcers. The basics were still exactly the same. Like now features are removed by them and then sometimes add those attributes back in order that they can call it a feature.

It is a soccer match, just what are you expecting to change in the entirety of it? Even if many others, 989 Sports, and 2k made sports matches, they did not feel drastically different. The only thing which split them were attributes in and outside the gameplay. That along with everything else that was a standard being dropped along with the match being the most vanilla game in years seems to me like a blank slate.

The difference between those games and Madden was that those matches played better had better demonstrations and were cheaper at least 2k had been anyhow. Madden does not have any competition so they can put the exact same game every year with the same problems every year, not fix anything. All they do is set a carbon copy of the previous year using a roster update and occasionally add something that truly utilized to be in the game and call it a new addition. Sometimes they do not even alter anything or banners. It's half assed and if a person can run over 130+ running plays in a championship with no single pass and utilize a punter since the QB there are difficulties.

They give us the same match every year with roster upgrades. The one thing they change is perhaps add something they'd eliminated from preceding years or remove something and call it a new addition. Madden 06 for the 360 (if it had been"next-gen"). It had  cheap mut coins madden 21 nothing beyond a quarter soccer sim. From there on they've slowly added basic attributes back to the game and haven't made it all of the way.


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