by on April 14, 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator will use air traffic data to populate the simulation.
Microsoft Flight Simulator will draw from air traffic data to simulate the skies exactly as they are, in real time. That's according to a new video hosted by Asobo CEO Sebastian Wloch, which provides some details on how multiplayer will work.
First of all, that air traffic data will simulate "most if not all" of the aeroplanes charting the world at any given moment, and if the game goes offline, AI will take the reins temporarily. Meanwhile, if players choose to access the Live Players mode, weather will be simulated according to real world data - so in other words, if you're flying through storms over, say, Paris, that'll be because there are actually storms over Paris.
"Live Players" will be the main simulation component of the game, but there's also an "All Players" filter, which lets you control pretty much everything about the simulation including weather. This will be best for folk who just want to fly around and explore the world, rather than get grilled by other players for not being real enough. 
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oh that image looks rough lol
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I would give it a go for shits and giggles and and to see what would happen but I think there would be plenty of brown stains in the cabin
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