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  1. Pinned and Featrured, Thanks for this mate
  2. From where ? did you get it too ? and fuck yes.
  3. Reasonably priced here https://www.g2a.com/en-gb/white-noise-2-steam-key-global-i10000029373002 You can get it from other places too cheap.
  4. Reckon we can get 5 of us to get this game and have a laugh with it, looks like it has a small player base so we would need 5. I reckon we could have some serious fun with this ? https://store.steampowered.com/app/503350/White_Noise_2/?snr=1_239_1200__1213_7 White Noise, it's a 4v1 game where 4 people try to survive/escape/kill the other person who is some sort of fucked up rabbit with no ears.
  5. I dont know what you're asking, do you want them both removing ? 1 removing ? which one ?
  6. Hello When you post a new topic or reply to one you do not automatically follow that content and you will have to click the to get the notifications. To setup how to get automatically subscribed to that topic go to your account settings here and tick on Automatically follow new content I post and Automatically follow content I reply to. And thats it, hey you can even enable desktop notifications whilst there too.
  7. They have given me 2 months notice, doesnt happen until october
  8. Hopefully if he isnt too busy we can maybe ask @LongRangeBeaver to make a couple with our names on, more bespoke
  9. Added a badge for now until we have our own version I've also moved applications into the police section of the forum, the poster can only see their own post but no one elses, moderators and admin can see anyones. Going to test this now
  10. The repeating of the question is a description, its intended. ( its to give a bit more detail on the question itself.) Not sure if we can add an image so I'll quickly have a look for that bit. I'll have to set up permissions around the applications section where a user can only see their post and no one elses as these have the potential to contain sensitive data.
  11. They need to start offering that in outer city areas. Paying virgin £50 a month for 350mb and they’ve just put the bill up by £3.50 that’s a huge increase for just one product.
  12. It's perfect for the direction that we are heading. Also dont forget to update that Avatar
  13. Until battlefield give us a real server FiveM will be our dominant server for now. @Brynnie have put a huge amount of effort into this also. BE great if this server could be streamed but it would require some real commitment off us to play iut when this happens otherwise there will be no interaction for the streamer. What we say guys can we pull our fingers out and make this happen ?
  14. Remember Teamspeak ? nah best not to google it. Welcome to Discord, you're new voip lover. Letys rock this, go on over to www.discordapp.com and download your Os version ( most likely windows ) Once downloaded install that now once up and running you will need to create an account Fill in your most valuable details and brace yourself for the captcha Woooo you've done it, welcome to the Discord world Next is making sure that discord uses the mic and headset you want it to as this can get funky. click on settings you guessed it, its the cog looking icon next click on voice and you will see this discord-set-voice-sound.mp4 Thats it you've done it Remember to join Revival Discord
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