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  1. With the new Flight Sim from Microsoft announced in E3 Convention I came across a review/talk through from a well known YouTuber called Squirrel. He shows some footage in his video and OMG, the scenery looks phenomenal. I haven't touched flight simulator in Years but this makes me want to jump back in a plane and fly. Check the video out
  2. So this is a quick post to ask a few questions:- What is Star Citizen about, what is the aim of the game?
  3. They had one very similar to when I went to EGX Birmingham last year.
  4. As you can see the Revival Fivem cuts straight through it - looks alot better now it fits the screen - Georges logo looks fantastic
  5. Ye would be cool that
  6. Fantastic , did see the latest badge, which looks good, will try and locate one for the car dealer, EMS,
  7. So with the Police Application there are some slight bugs with it , as you can see the question is listed twice on some parts. I don't know if alos we could do some artwork by George, whereby we have a Police Badge with Revival RP around it maybe?? just make it look more professional. And then I would suggest this Application be moved into the Police application forum folder. Where to the replies go for the application? Thanks you beautiful man
  8. You have the right to leave - this has been taken from gocompare - It may be worth checking and if you can bounce out of here or at least speak to them about reducing it. However, if the price of your broadband has increased unexpectedly, you may be able to cancel your contract without paying a penalty fee. Ofcom advises thatbroadband providers should give their customers one month's notice of an increase in charges
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