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  1. Below are the keybindings that are used for the server and what they do. Keybind:- > F1 opens the phone menu > F2 opens the inventory menu > F6 is used for some jobs e.g. Mechanic, Police, EMS > F7 is the Invoice/ Fine Section ( if you have received an invoice/ Fine it will be here, make sure you pay) > F7 is to set cruise control when in a vehicle > U is to lock and unlock you vehicle (must own the vehicle) > E is the main action button for most things > F5 opens the tablet open up > BackSpace is used to close all menus/ ESC > ESC or the Clicking on the button on Bottom of Tablet can be used to close the tablet > X - Hands Up > B - Point Police:- > Ctrl + M opens the radar when you are in a police vehicle > /jail ID TIME REASON and PRICE **note jail commands only work when you are a police officer** > /unjail id (playerid) Chat Commands > /ad place and ad e.g. business is open/ on duty. > /showbank ( to show your money in your bank) > /showsociety (check your society balance - only if you are the boss) > /showjob (this shows your current job) > /showinfo (this shows everything 1 by 1) Roleplay > /me this is a roleplay function Anytime you do an action or need to paint a picture of what you’re doing, communicate that with the people around you. If you’re going to smoke a cigarette, /me {Name} smokes a cigarette. Finished your burger? /me {name} throws his burger wrapper over his shoulder into the backseat of the car. Make people aware of what’s going on even if you tell them what you’re going to do. It makes things more….definite and allows others around you to shape their RP accordingly Car Finance: - When buying car on finance make sure you pay it off or it will be taken off you - to pay for your finance type - /doRepay (and amount) To check what Finance is left on your vehicle type - /checkRepay (this will tell you how much is owing to pay off the car)
  2. As you can see the Revival Fivem cuts straight through it - looks alot better now it fits the screen - Georges logo looks fantastic
  3. Ye would be cool that
  4. Only minor alterations have been done, - added the Dancers into Unicorn (Strip Club) they are not interactable so don't try and make it rain on them - Also have added a whitelisted Flight School - we will be opening applications for a flight school manager to take on people who would like to learn to fly, there are no specific locations to take them to, this will be down to the flight school instructor to take them places and make sure they learn the ropes. They also have the ability to provide them with a licence to fly ( once competent) and also have the option to revoke a licence. - couple of properties to rent/purchase - these can be found on mirror park
  5. Fantastic , did see the latest badge, which looks good, will try and locate one for the car dealer, EMS,
  6. So with the Police Application there are some slight bugs with it , as you can see the question is listed twice on some parts. I don't know if alos we could do some artwork by George, whereby we have a Police Badge with Revival RP around it maybe?? just make it look more professional. And then I would suggest this Application be moved into the Police application forum folder. Where to the replies go for the application? Thanks you beautiful man
  7. You have the right to leave - this has been taken from gocompare - It may be worth checking and if you can bounce out of here or at least speak to them about reducing it. However, if the price of your broadband has increased unexpectedly, you may be able to cancel your contract without paying a penalty fee. Ofcom advises thatbroadband providers should give their customers one month's notice of an increase in charges
  8. - Added a mega amount of purchasable properties around the city -and hopefully more to come - Ammended the New Laws for the City - head to https://revival.gg/index.php?/forum/18-penal-code/ to view
  9. - You can now launder that dirty money , but location has been kept secret(edited) - Added the store to the prison cells and added a Teleport from prison yard to the cell area - need to stock the prison store with food /drink (Bread & Water) - Chopshop has been added into the server. Photos to come. If you chop a vehicle you will receive car parts which you can then take to a car part shop and receive cash. Careful if you chop a car you could alert any police who are on duty.
  10. - 2 more Cells added in Los Santos PD Also a new Processing section or holding room pending interviews Interview Room is available with privacy glass
  11. - Vangelico (jewellery Store) has had a major update to it, whereby there is a safe you must try and crack the code, but be careful the security guard comes out of nowhere and will taze you , therefore it may be better to have someone assist you in this - There are 20 smashable glass cabinets to get jewellery - but you do have to have a bag on your back , which can be purchase at the available General Store(edited) https://streamable.com/yf7nl
  12. - New Garbage Job - ability to throw garbage bags into the rear of your truck - also can share the wages with upto 3 other colleagues on the same truck - If you have been injured you can take yourself to Pillbox Medical and now check in at reception desk - Welcome to your new cardealer - You will see a selection of vehicles on the shop floor which you can purchase ourtright as per photo or you can put a downpayment on and then you have 50hrs to repay or you have the chance to have your vehicle repoed you can also change the vehicle you see near to the front door to see what other cars are available
  13. - Welcome to your 24/7 Airline - You can now fly to Sandy Shores Airfield and back if there are no Pilots on duty - We have just had the Tuner Computer Released, You would need to see a Mechanic to purchase it and then you can enhance your speed/ breaking / drive train on your vehicles. currently does not save per vehicle Cars Added - New Addition to the Imports Ford Mustang 1969 - Mustang 66 Fastback with custom addons
  14. - Ownable Stores - Head to the Business Centre to purchase your own Supermarket/ 24/7 store and fill it full of items to sell to the public - So now you can take your vehicle if no mechanic on to the Garage with the Grey Wrench and pay either $500 for a slow repair or $2000 for a fast repair and it does it automatically - it will take a small amount or time for the garage to look over it and repair it - So you can now purchase Planes and Helicopters. When purchasing a plane it will give you an indication on the map on which airport you can land at. - Various Contacts added to the phone System
  15. - Added the Splitting Sides Comedy Club - fancy setting up a comedy night or simply want to organise an open mic night then head over to the forums to get something arranged so everyone can attend - Tacos can be sold to the npcs - head over to the PDM ( Vehicle Shop) to purchase a taco truck, then make sure you purchase tacos' from a shop to sell - Ice Cream Van - Head to PDM to purchase an ice cream truck to sell icecreams to the public - Upgrade shop has been added at the side of the mechanic shop, - Phone System with Calls/ Texts and Twitter added - Ability to Hot Wire Cars
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