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    Buy back tokens

    If you have ever melted ( refunded ) a ship or package you can now buy it back with store credit. when you refund a ship, more commonly known as melting you receive store credit for said ship. ever 1/4 there is a buy back token and with this you can use that store credit to buy back that ship...
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    Flight simulator 2020

    So when is it out or beta and who will be getting this delicious scenery game ?
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    Escape from Tarkov Sale

    Settings for great visuals from Pestily
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    Escape from Tarkov Sale

    If any of you have thought about getting Escape from Tarkov before then now is your chance as they have a sale with 25% off. Check out the game packages here I have the EOD edition but you can upgrade to this at a later date if you so wish too...
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    New Year, New You

    With 2020 here how many of you have started a resolution? What do you want to achieve this year and why?
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    Messiah Netflix

    Hey chaps. Started to watch the Messiah last night, only watched episode one and I’m hooked. It’s pure fiction and makes that a glaring point in the description. I highly recommend you watch this
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    Did trump get impeached ?

    wasnt that the trigger of the world war ? He was assassinated wasn’t he ?
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    Did trump get impeached ?

    didn’t think anyone had been before. I remember reading or hearing about Ronald Reagan but not sure how that ended. and now he’s started world war 3 potentially ? I see that as highly unlikely.
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    Video The mad effects on this

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    Did trump get impeached ?

    I haven’t watched the news in a very long time but amirite in thinking trumps being impeached ? Or at least an impeachment hearing ?
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    Pic Cruising the star system and admiring the sunrise

    That picture of Saturn almost looks computer generated it’s that clean. I had to focus on the butt of the mole, new thrusters that also go into an X formation and looks oh so cool. glad you’re back home we can fly and mine together now
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    Pic Cruising the star system and admiring the sunrise

    This is the Argo Mole, what a view. How can this not make you want the game?
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    Guidelines for the Octagon

    These are guidelines to follow, please keep to them and remember whilst you are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to push your opinion on anyone. Do be Respectful Do respect other peoples opinions even if you do not agree with them Do Not flame Do Not insult other people If you...