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Revival Keybinds

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Below are the keybindings that are used for the server and what they do. 

            > F1 opens the phone menu

            > F2 opens the inventory menu

            > F6 is used for some jobs e.g. Mechanic, Police, EMS

          > F7 is the Invoice/ Fine Section ( if you have received an invoice/ Fine it will be here, make sure you pay)

          > F7 is to set cruise control when in a vehicle

           > U is to lock and unlock you vehicle (must own the vehicle)

            > E is the main action button for most things

            > F5 opens the tablet open up

            > BackSpace is used to close all menus/ ESC
            > ESC or the Clicking on the  button on Bottom of Tablet can be used to close the tablet

           > X - Hands Up

           > B - Point

            > Ctrl + M opens the radar when you are in a police vehicle

           > /jail ID TIME REASON and PRICE **note jail commands only work when you are a police officer**

           > /unjail id (playerid)


 Chat Commands

            > /ad place and ad e.g. business is open/ on duty.

            > /showbank ( to show your money in your bank)

            > /showsociety (check your society balance - only if you are the boss)

            > /showjob (this shows your current job)

            > /showinfo (this shows everything 1 by 1)


> /me this is a roleplay function

Anytime you do an action or need to paint a picture of what you’re doing, communicate that with the people around you. If you’re going to smoke a cigarette, /me {Name} smokes a cigarette. Finished your burger? /me {name} throws his burger wrapper over his shoulder into the backseat of the car. Make people aware of what’s going on even if you tell them what you’re going to do. It makes things more….definite and allows others around you to shape their RP accordingly


Car Finance: - 
            When buying car on finance make sure you pay it off or it will be taken off you - 
             to pay for your finance type - 

            /doRepay (and amount) 

            To check what Finance is left on your vehicle type -
            /checkRepay (this will tell you how much is owing to pay off the car)

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