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Revival Organisation Star Citizen

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To help with us getting used to star citizen and finding each other out in the Persistant Universe we have created an organisation for Revival. 


There isn't much to it other than applying and you will be accepted as soon as we see it. 


You can find the org here 

Revival Org Star Citizen


An Organization has an archetype set to describe what the Org is all about. There is 5 basic archetypes for Organizations to help define the Org. These settings are strictly for flavor and role-playing, without any effect on the game.

Organization - Want to make your own way without any previous association? Feel free to keep with the default nondescript type!

Corporation – a for-profit business entity. A corporation is a great choice for everything from shipping flo-pets to Goss II to Organizing a hostile takeover of Origin Jumpworks.

PMC (Private Military Company) – For Organizations with a taste for combat. Focuses for PMCs include escorting cargo runs, hunting for pirates or helping the UEE take on the Vanduul.

Faith – Organizations that have come together for a single cause or under a single banner. This could be rebels fighting for Terran independence or the devout followers of the LAMP!

Syndicate – Common interest groups for those who operate on the edges (or outside) of the law. There’s safety in numbers when you’re moving contraband through Spider or preying on hapless cargo ships.

Club - A group of individuals whose primary interests and activities revolve around a specific brand or make of vehicle.


Revival is a Club based Org

star citizen pc GIF


If you have any questions create a thread and we will help you out.

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