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Star Citizen??

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So this is a quick post to ask a few questions:-

What is Star Citizen about, what is the aim of the game?

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Massive online open space sim, complete working economy, space flight and even world interaction, you can buy space ships and ground vehicles, to explore, fight, travel, trade...

No real goal except buying large ships and stuff, and create a thriving faction

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It’s similar to elite dangerous. 


You can can do many things in the game in its current state. 


Main in activities are 

cargo runs

bounty hunting,


base clearing



there is a lot more on development, you buy your ships with real money and they are permanently yours even after a patch wipe which happens every 3 months. You can also buy them with in game credits however but you will loose them on a patch wipe. 


There is is a huge system so far but there is plans for many more. It’s best to check out a couple YouTube videos on the recent patch which is 3.6.2 

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